Orchard In FarmVille

By | November 5, 2010

Orchard In FarmVille for your tree mastery and new trees !

farmville orchard

Introducing orchards for your trees ! you can harvest them for mystery seedlings that grow into all new types of trees.

There’s also tree mastery now too, so get started now !

to build orchard you must place the orchard frame on your farm and start to collect materials :
10 brick
10 nail
10 wooden board

you can use farmville haunted house links, because it’s the same parts 😛

Build an Orchard !
– give your farm a new look with all your trees
– hold up to 20 trees and harvest it with just 1 click

Find Mystery Seedlings !
– harvest your orchard for a chance to find mystery tree seedlings
– seedlings come from one of the trees inside your orchard

Grow Seedlings into New Trees !
– grow your mystery seedlings into new trees by watering them
– get watering cans by buying them or gifting with friends

Introducing Tree Mastery !
– check your progress for trees in the new mastery dialog
– get all new mastery signs for wach tree you complete

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