Cityville Skyscraper Neighborhood Missions Links

Build and start cityville skyscraper neighborhood missions ! Limited Time: Save Space on Skyscrapers by storing them in this awesome neighborhood. 3 goals to finish, here are the quest item links + requirements : GOAL: SKYSCRAPER NEIGHBORHOOD Ask for 10 Power Grids Place the Skyscraper Neighborhood Complete the Neighborhood to level 1

Cityville Play Chefville Missions Links

Place the ChefVille deco in cityville play chefville missions to win awesome rewards! Start playing ChefVille so you can win some amazing rewards for your city today! there are 4 part of this goals ChefVille Restaurant quest walkthrough : GOAL: PLAY CHEFVILLE Ask friends for 20 Bread : I love this stuff Place ChefVille Restaurant : Place the… Read More »

Cityville Bonus Round Goals Natural Wonder Gem Links

Build Natural Wonders start in cityville bonus round goals with gem! Bring Natural Wonder to your city so you can receive unique, powerful bonuses from each one! GOAL: NATURAL WONDERS quest walkthrough guide : mission 1 : bonus round goal Ask friends for Wonderful Maps : You’re headed in the right direction Place your first Natural Wonder :… Read More »

Cityville Unlock Waterfall Powerstation Links

BUILD YOUR WATERFALL in cityville unlock waterfall powerstation! Expand to the Waterfall in your city so you can boost your city’s energy cap by 50! GOAL: EXPAND TO WATERFALL Your energy cap increases once you unlock the Waterfall Powerstation expansion. You can collect all the parts required for level 1!! You can upgrade Waterfall Powerstation to increase your… Read More »

Cityville Rest On Your Laurels Goals

Closing Ceremony in cityville rest on your laurels goals! Put your city on the map by putting on the greatest CityVille Games Closing Ceremony in history! Complete the goals before time runs out. Get rewards for all things you already love doing! quest walkthrough guide : mission 1 : rest on your laurels goal Ask for 15 Laurels… Read More »