Pet Society Fishing Guide Tutorial

By | September 28, 2009

Pet Society Fishing Guide 🙂 Well i found a good Fishing Guide for Pet Society by Doris, all images credits to Doris. I hope this guide will help you play Pet Society more 😀

Well i hope someday country story and restaurant city will have fishing too, or at least playfish can make some good fishing game ? Coz playfish game are fun 😛

How to Fish

First you need to head to pond, it’s located south-west of your home in the village.

Clicking the pond takes you to this screen.
You already have a wooden rod made from a stick, bust don’t worry some better rods will be available in the future.

Now it’s time to choose your bait for fishing with.
Clicking the chest icon opens your bait box.
You can use any foods from the game, but i would advise only using foods that are available at the food store to start with and not the NIS foods you have been saving 😀

After deciding which bait you would like to try, click on it so that it attached to your line.
Then click again to cast your line.

You then need to wait until you get a ‘bite’.
You will see a splash in the water telling you. Click and hold the left mouse key to reel it in.

Every now and then, the fish will struggle and try to get away! When this happens you will see a splash in the water.
Let go of the mouse key until it stops, then press again to continue to catch.

If you attempt to try to reel your fish in while it’s struggling on the line, then unfortunately your fish will get away.
Taking the bait with it!! You will need to try again 🙁

If you keep trying until you get it right, then you will catch yourself a fish.
There are many different types of fish to be found.

Clicking on this icon
will allow you to publish what you have caught to your Facebook profile to tell your friends.

Unfortunately, if you already own five of one particular fish you will be met with this screen.
You Will have to let the fish go back into the pond and try again. You should note that this happens, you will also lose the bait you used.

Pet Society Fish List and Bait List

There are different items released that can be caught in the pond. And some of them are special fish. The special fish are caught with a different bait, you can see the picture what kind of food as bait 😛

I would advise to start off collecting them all by using the apples and carrots. This is because i found that these 2 took the longest to find, and i caught most of the other items with just these 2 baits. While looking for these 2 fish you will most likely complete most of your collection.

Here is a guide to all fish and baits i have caught them with. There are most probably other combinations i have missed, but this is to show what i have found and that the whole collection can be caught using just foods as bait 😀

For Applefish and Seahorse, I would advise using the apples and carrots from the food store as this will be a lot cheaper than homegrown. Obviously for the Coconutfish and Loverootfish the bait needs to be homegrown.

Decorative Items

These items are useful for decorationg your aquarium. They can also be placed elsewhere in your house and you can hold 99 of each.

Rubbish / Junk Items

These are items of junk that are commonly found at the bottom of the pond. You can also hold an unlimited amount of these, but they cannot be sold.
If you want to get rid of them, you can recycle them for 10 points. They cannot be gifted.

Other Items

These are not fish that will go in the aquarium. They can go anywhere in your house and you can have 99 of each.

Fish List

These are the fish that i caught while i was looking for the special fish. some are more common than others. I have shown the bait that i was using when i found them. Others may work, but it’s likely you will find these fish when using the corresponding bait.

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  • sally may

    i nevery get a fish when i go fishing

  • sally may

    can someone tell me what i ahve to do
    its not fair lots of people get starfish and other fish but i get nothing it always gets away

  • ang

    well after using bakery goods like cupcakes and pasteries I haven’t gotten one junk~ can’t guarantee a pretty fish tho 😉 oh and try those sundaes too!

  • Arpad Gooch

    My fish is a spotted puffer fish. Not a dwarf or anything else. He is a spotted puffer fish. He is very, very little right now, smaller then a goldfish. The sticker on the tank at walmart said he could grow to be about 6 inches. He’s a freshwater puffer, but he needs salt in his tank. I know the type of salt to use and I have it. So the quest that I have is how often should I put the salt in? Thanks for helping me out with this.

  • heather newman

    the higher the price of the bait the better chance you have of catching a fish