Pet Society Hideeni

By | October 24, 2009

Pet Society Hideeni. In the new event there’s a new character, Hideeni.

Who is Hideeni, and why is he here? Well for starters, so you know who you are looking for, meet Hideeni:

Where can i find Hideeni ?
You have the chance of finding him while playing, he could be anywhere: in your house, a friend’s house, just standing around the village, or even in a store!

If you are lucky enough to find him, simply click him and he will offer you the chance to share a rare gift with your friends!

This occurs through your Facebook News Feed, and when your friends view the News Feed they can select to β€œAccept free gift” to receive the special gift!
a cute puppy plushie πŸ˜€

But when i wanted to get myself it said I cant accept mine:
So make sure there’s a friend who kind enough to share it with you πŸ™‚

After a friend click ‘accept free gift’ there should be a purple box that you can find πŸ™‚

And when you open the box

good luck finding Hideeni πŸ™‚

But if you want an instant cute puppy plushie, try this link πŸ˜›

and for Deer Plushie you can try this free deer plushie link πŸ™‚

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  • Gerrit Smith


    I tried both links and I got nothing,
    please tell me how to get one from your link.


  • erm

    If I already have the cute puppy plushie from my friend is it pointless to find the Great Hideeni?

    • admin

      of course not πŸ™‚ just for fun πŸ˜›

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