Pet Society Stickers

By | October 3, 2009

Pet Society Stickers 🙂 Stickers are the latest and greatest new craze! Share Stickers with your friends and collect them all !
You may find some stickers are hard to find but that’s all part of the fun! Every day you can send a set number of packs to your friends and hopefully they’ll send you packs in return. It’s all about helping each other!

Here are the Pet Society Stickers Tips by Sonya
How do I send stickers ?
– Select the sticker icon that you see next to the camera icon!
– Select the purple sticker pack bookmark. (Or the gold sticker pack icon on the left page of the opening page of your album.)
– Select the friend(s) you would like to send a Sticker Pack to.
– Select “Send Pet Society gift request”.
– Select “Send”.

How do I accept stickers friends have sent ?
– Go to your Facebook requests page:
– Select to “Accept Gift” where you see a friend has sent you a sticker.
– When it asked you “Do you have more pending gifts to Accept ?”: select “Yes” if you have more to collect (upon which you will be returned to your requests page to select “Accept Gift” once more), or select “No” if you have already accepted all others.

Once you have selected “No” Pet Society will load. Your pet can then open the sticker pack on the ground, like any other gift. You will be shown the stickers inside and who they are from. Close that window by selecting the green tick.

To place your stickers in yoru album, select the sticker button (next to the camera icon).

You can then drag and drop your newly collected stickers into your album. (You find the stickers not current in your album below your album).

Sticker Glitch : Make sure you don’t click “yes” to accept gift too fast, if you click yes to accept gift from 2 person before the book appear, you will lose a sticker, so make sure you accept one by one

Also i think you know now right, accepting 2 gift request from the same person will only gives you 1 sticker

How many stickers can I send to friends a day ?
This is variable, and is a limit set by Facebook. Currently it appears to be 8.

The limit will vary dependent on how many accepts / ignores various applications receive with their requests. Which basically means, if the vast majority of peolpe accept the requests, it should increase, however if the vast majority of people decline the requests, it will decrease. (I don’t know the exact numbers, as that is a Facebook policy, nothing to do with Playfish, I’m just using majority as a general term.)

What time of day does the daily limit reset ?
The daily reset for sending stickers is based on Facebook’s midnight!

Pacific Time is currently GMT -7, which means sticker sending limits will reset at 7 am GMT each day!

Can I choose which stickers to send friends ?
No sorry, it’s all random!

If I replace a silver sticker in my album with a gold sticker, what happens to the original silver sticker ?
The silver sticker remains ‘underneath’ the gold sticker, so you will not receive it back.
Similarly, if you have a bronze sticker in your album, and you place a silver or gold sticker overtop, the bronze sticker will remain ‘underneath’ you will not receive it back.

Once I’ve placed a sticker in my album, can I remove it ?
No sorry you cannot remove any stickers you have placed in your album!

There are 5 collections currently, is this it ?
No, there will be more collections to come in the future!

I have received some duplicate stickers, or lower levels of stickers I already have higher levels of, what can I do with them ?
If you end up with duplicate stickers that you don’t want or need, just use the Sticker Recycler! All you have to do is drag unwanted stickers to the recycle icon at the bottom left when your sticker album is open. Once you’ve built up enough Sticker Points you can redeem them for a Bronze, Silver or Gold Sticker Pack. These sticker packs will have random stickers inside but they’ll be of the level indicated on the pack, i.e. gold sticker packs will only contain gold stickers!

You can also just keep them in your general un-used sticker section for now if you’d prefer.

Everytime I try and send a sticker pack to a friend, I receive an error, what is happening ?
There are some compatibility issues with some browsers currently. Playfish are working to make this feature work with more browsers, but this is taking some time. In the meantime, you can try another browser if you wish to send stickers!

I’ve recycled lots of stickers and can redeem a sticker pack, can I gift this ?
Sticker packs earned through recycling can be gifted to a friend like a normal gift!

Can I view my friends’ sticker collections ?
Yes! You can check out your friends’ collections when you visit them; their sticker icon is located above their pet’s health, happiness and hygiene bars.

What does the yellow star in the top right hand corner of some stickers in my inventory mean ?
The yellow stars in the top right corner are the stickers you have just received/accepted, so it’s easier for you to spot them amongst those that you’ve had for a while!

You can see information about Stickers Throphy in Pet Society Stickers Trophy.

I hope this help you all 😀

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