Photo Cut Out Hair Tutorial (2)

By | April 2, 2009

After you know how to make a basic cut out before, now we continue to the other part.. cut out hairs
Take a photo/image with some hair that you consider as a challange
(I’ll take the photo from the previous one )

Many people get frustate how to clear the hair.. just like this one 😀 But don’t worry, I found an easy way how to remove this hair.. It’ll be a little bit tricky

Creating Hair With Brush

First you need to find some hair brush that we can use for the picture. You can search for Hair_Brushes_Set_6_by_Falln_Stock.abr for the brush.

Next duplicate your image (ctrl+J), hide the first layer.

We’ll work with the duplicate one. Select some hair from the photo that you think need to remove and leave some basic hair, mine like this :

Load the hair brush. Click brush tool, and open brush window then look for Load Brushes > Locate where you keep the hair brush file.

Pick a brush that you think will replace the old one, you can change the angle, rotate or flip it.

Take some color from the hair with eyedropper tool, create a new layer and paint it.

Remove hair that overlap with the object.

You can continue it with other hairs just like that… and remember to compare with the first layer that we hide, which hair to be brush, pick a brush that almost the same with the real hair and use the eyedropper tool to take the hair color 🙂

And if you still don’t find the right angle with the hair brush, you can use liquify filter or smudge tool.

Finally i got something like this

let’s compare with the real hair

almost the same, right ! Maybe you can do better…

I hope this tutorial help you 🙂