Photo Cut Out Tutorial (1)

By | April 1, 2009

I know that there’re so many tutorial already that teach you how to make a selection and cut out some object from images, but i will teach you the way i do it 😀
For optimal result you might want to use high resolution photo/image, so pick a good image before you want to cutting out some photo.

For selection and cleaning an object from the background you can choose between these tools and filter in photoshop :
Extract ( Filter > Extract / Alt + Ctrl + X , for quick selection and some hair )
Lasso Tool,Polygonal Lasso Tool, Magnetic Lasso Tool (selecting an object from the background easily)
Magic Wand Tool ( If you have an object with same color around it, you can use this tool )
Eraser Tool (carefully remove the background)
Brush Tool (just like Eraser Tool, but many people use it in masking mode)
Pen Tool (I will show you how to use this one :D)

and still many other tool you can use.. just be creative 🙂

Okay, Lets start
First Pick a photo or an image (remember for better result use hi res :D)
I got a photo of cute little girl here

Now that we got the photo we can start, I want to remove the background and only left the girl. And look at the girl’s hair… woow maybe it will kill some time.. Don’t get so frustate first, i know a method that can work with hair.. (We’ll cover this in creating hair with brush)

Selection using pen tool

If u’ve used Lasso Tool family before… it’s almost the same, but i want to make it perfectly clear. So i use pen tool.
Click Pen Tool from Tools, and click the start point you want to start node with. I’ll start with her arm,
and Click for the second one, you can hold ALT to make a new angle for the anchor.

You can continue it for the third node and so on, and save the hair for later

I’ll bet you have something like mine here :

Now make a node around the hair, continue with her coat and make an end point where you start, her arm. You should have something similar like mine :

Right click > Make Selection > use the default settings , OK

Now we use masking with Add Vector Mask button at the bottom layer window

Done… easy right ? you can use any method for selection, as long you feel happy with the result 😀

If you confuse, just ask okay 🙂

Next i’ll cover the hair section come come~