Picasso Pop Cheats

By | July 19, 2013

Have enough fun with emoji pop ? well the developers just created a new game ! with a single picture with picasso painting style can you guess who or what is that ? for all level 1 answers, use picasso pop cheats with image solution so you can recognize them easily 🙂
Gamoji Limited game – Picasso Pop is a new amazing and creative trivia puzzles game using original hand-drawn images!

picasso pop level 1-0 : batman = black shadow
picasso pop level 1-1 : mario = foot on green pipe
picasso pop level 1-2 : oprah = black woman with huge lips
picasso pop level 1-3 : hangover = beard man with tiger and bottle
picasso pop level 1-4 : steve jobs = farmer with pitchfork and apple


picasso pop level 1-5 : spongebob = yellow square with green dots
picasso pop level 1-6 : rio de janeiro = Jesus statue with fireworks
picasso pop level 1-7 : lebron james = black man as king
picasso pop level 1-8 : facebook = book with eyes and mouth
picasso pop level 1-9 : lord ring = tower think about ring


proceed to picasso pop level 2

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