Pioneer Trail Aquarium Missions

By | January 10, 2014

Look at the left side of your frontierville ! there’s a new ice lake and 5 part of pioneer trail aquarium missions to finish 🙂 look at the requirements below
help save rare and exotic fish from freezing and earn awesome decos !

quest wrapper : Stacking Fish Mission
– Have an Angel Fish, Lionfish and Puffer Fish
– Combine the three Stacked Tanks into a Massive Fishtank
– Harvest 50 Worm Nests
Rewards: 2 Extra Warehouse Slots, Sunken Castle, 20 Gold Dust

walkthrough guide :

goal 1: Somethin’s Fishy Mission
– Tend 25 Sheep
– Harvest 15 Pomegranate Trees
– Place the Aquarium
Rewards: Green Lightning, 3 Red Essence Labs, Molten Cake

goal 2: Icy Fishing Mission
– Fish in the Icy Lake or Aquarium 4 times
– Harvest 20 Lakeweeds
– Upgrade the Aquarium
Rewards: Animal Edibles, Icy Lure, Butterfly Lure

goal 3: Gettin’ Transferred Mission
– Thaw Frozen Fish 20 Times
– Harvest 35 Freezing Pumps
– Upgrade the Aquarium
Rewards: Goldfish Pond, 3 Lakeweed, 2 Icy Lures

goal 4: Springin’ To Action Mission
– Fish in the Icy Lake or Aquarium 12 Times
– Tend the Goldfish Pond 9 Times
– Upgrade the Aquarium
Rewards: Espresso Boost, Fish in a Bowl, Aquarium Kelp

goal 5: Sharin’ The Beauty Mission
– Thaw 8 Frozen Fish
– Harvest 50 Lakeweeds
– Complete the Aquarium
Rewards: Laketorn Wagon, 15 Gold Dust, Animal Vaccine