Pioneer Trail Baby Bunyan

By | September 28, 2011

A Huge Bundle of Lumberjackin’ Joy! What’s that wailin’ in the trees? It could only be pioneer trail baby bunyan! Chop down lumber trees to find the tyke.
Find, feed, ‘n’ diaper him and he’ll chop full trees down fer you per day!

Harness the Power of a Legendary Lumberjack – Baby Bunyan!
About Baby Bunyan
Baby Bunyan is a powerful tyke! Feed the growing boy, and he’ll work wonders with the trees on your Homestead!

Food For Tot
Feed him Super Baby Gro 15x to feed the lad. Ask friends for Super Baby Gro, or buy it in the Market.
Once fed and diapered, he can chop down up to three full trees on your Homestead a day ! but you can allow him to chop more with horseshoes

Get him an Axe
Complete the Baby Bunyan III quest in order to unlock his lumberjackin’ abilities.
finising 3 pioneer trail baby bunyan missions will give you 2 new animals :
stork and baby blue ox bunyan

if you tring the ability without finishing the quests you’ll see this pop up :
Whoops! You’ve got to finish the Baby Bunyan missions to use that there Super Axe, pardner!

also you can Abandon Baby Paul Bunyan
If you abandon baby Paul Bunyan, he will never grow up to his full potential!

there’s also baby bunyan collection :
Lumberjackin ‘Shoes, Plaid Onesie, Suspenders, Milk Mustache & Giant Ox Tracks
trade in rewards : 5 sharp axes

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