Pioneer Trail Barter Depot Missions Links

By | March 20, 2012

Upgrade the pioneer trail barter depot to unlock new goods for frontierville barter system missions and crafting !

barter for premium goods ! send goods off and after a short wait you’ll get premium materials back 🙂

you will need to ask friends and craft many materials for barter depot missions, so here are the requirements for crafting guide and request links to help you 🙂

barter depot building parts :
auction podium
heavy duty beam
barter tariff
appraisal-note bid-signal warehouse-crate
Appraisal Note link – Bid Signal link – Warehouse Crate link

quest items links :
goal I : a delicate trade mission
bison horn for mahogany wood (need total 18)
wood varnish to craft victorian vase (need total 45)
bison-horn wood-varnish
bison horn link – wood varnish link

goal III : racks and rifles mission
pork belly to barter brass ingot (need total 32)
pork belly link

goal IV : sparkles in the sunlight mission
silver boot tip to craft snakeskin boots for barter uncut geode (used to craft silk flowers gift)
silver boot tip link

book cover for barter mystery crate
book cover link

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