Pioneer Trail Bug Collections Missions

By | September 13, 2013

Start a bug collecting in pioneer trail bug collections missions ! collect all kinds of bugs for fanny’s class and earn great rewards !
School’s in session ! your child’s first assignment is to learn about bugs by collecting as many of them as possible ! gather creepy crawlers and earn powerful greenhouse boosts !

frontierville bug collections wrapper quest :
quest 1: Care & Feeding of Creepies
Finish mission 2 4 times
Finish mission 4 4 times
Tend Percy Pillbug 3 times (drops from Bug Nests)
Reward: 2 Animal Vaccine Boosts, Beef Jerky, 100,000 coins

quest 2: Creepy Crawler Credit
Get Extra Credit 12 times – get from new mission each day, check mission mgr
Finish mission 8 4 times
Collect 5000 Creepy Crawlers
Reward: 3 BBQ Bronto Ribs, Blue Dart Frog, 2 Warehouse Storage Slots

Search for bugs in their natural habitats ! get extra cerdit assignments from fanny to catch certain bugs.
there are 2 final rewards that you can get :
– vibrant meadow
– termite mound

goal 1: Young Grasshopper Mission
Search for bugs in the Rotting Log 2 times
Collect 8 Insect Acquisitions from friends
Clear 12 Grass debris
Reward: 3 Sunny Poppy, Quicksilver Boots, 20 Creepy Crawlers

goal 2: A Little Legwork Mission
Find 2 Centipedes in the Rotting Log
Tend 20 Adult Goats
Craft 5 Bug Displays
Reward: Bug Habitat, Random Reward, 40 Creepy Crawlers

goal 3: Same Stick, Different Day Mission
Harvest 12 Pitcher Plants
Collect 12 Decoy Sticks from friends
Hatch 2 Bug Nests – Takes 8 bug chows each
Reward: 3 Pitcher Plantst, Random Reward, 50 Creepy Crawlers

goal 4: Shackin’ Up Mission
Find 4 Tarantulas in the Musty Shack
Harvest Spider Trees 8 times
Craft 5 Cobweb Dusters
Reward: 3 Spider Flowers, Early Worm Boost, 100 Creepy Crawlers


goal 5: Scorophobia Mission
Harvest 40 Aloe Vera
Collect 12 Steely Resolve from friends
Craft 5 Bug Traps
Reward: Paper & Cup, 3 Rubber-Root Dandelion, 120 Creepy Crawlers

goal 6: What’s the Buzz Mission
Harvest 16 Foxglove
Collect 15 Beekeeping Hats from friends
Craft 8 Bee Smokers
Reward: Pollination Boost, Random Boost, 130 Creepy Crawlers

goal 7: Bug Bishops Mission
Find 4 Praying Mantises in the Vibrant Meadow
Collect 20 Tiny Beads from friends
Get 10 Bug Tongs – harvest Granny’s Oven
Reward: Delicate Net, Orange Tree, 140 Creepy Crawlers

goal 8: High Flying Mission
Collect 12 Dragonfly Cages from friends
Gather 20 Sweet Bug Bait – drop from Pitcher Plants
Craft 8 Flying Nets
Reward: 3 Rye, Random Boost, 180 Creepy Crawlers


monday wrapper : Gi-Ant
Complete the Exotic Bug Collection 3 times
Harvest 300 Flytrap Patches
Craft 8 Bug Traps
Reward: 2 Pheromone Boosts, 2 Pollination Boosts, Giant Rideable Ant