Pioneer Trail Charity Drive Missions

By | December 6, 2013

Help out the folk who need it ! find the good cheer in your heart and start contributing in pioneer trail charity drive missions ! gifted packages are worth 3 gifted
Flintlock’s come to the homestead with stories of folk all over the globe who need our help ! Why, we oughta get together and send crops, animals, and packages to folk in need and help out heifer international !

quest wrapper : snow trails mission
– complete 3 holiday cheer collections
– harvest 30 freezing pumps
– craft 15 snow shovellers
rewards : upgraded weather vane, wrapped gift, donation wagon

frontierville holiday giving :

goal 1: Base of Operations Mission
– Harvest 15 Cocoa Trees to make Hot Cocoa for the helpers
– Check out the Heifer International Sale to find out how you can help people around the world
– Place the Charity HQ to get the holiday helping started
Reward: Mule, Green Lightning, Tier 1 Charity Reward

goal 2: Feed The World Mission
– Fully Tend three Bellringers to get some Gifted Crops
– Tend 40 Jumbo Cane to offer the contributiors some sweet incentive
– Upgrade the Charity HQ to handle an influx of crops
Reward: Holiday Mystery Crate, Mint Mocha, Tier 2 Charity Reward

goal 3: Have a cow, Man Mission
– Harvest 30 Donation Boxes to turn yer Gifted Crops into Gifted Animals, which can be contributed to the Holiday Drive
– Make 30 contributions to the Holiday Drive
– Upgrade the Charity HQ to deal with storing and shjipping animals
Reward: Cattle Power, 5 Charity Donation Boxes, Tier 3 Charity Reward

goal 4: Everything and the Kitchen Sink Mission
– Harvest six Donation Wagons. Give ’em a Gifted Crop and you’ll get a Gifted Animal or Gifted Package
– Tend 80 Cows to teach them the language of their new family
– Upgrade the Charity HQ to deal with assorted contributions
Reward: Beef Jerky, Tier 4 Charity Reward, A Cheerful Animal

goal 5: Shippin’ Off Mission
– Tend Pat the Peppy Piglet or Jo the Cheerful Calf five times to get them excited about the helpin’ out
– Contribute 125 Gifted Animals or Gifted Packages to the Holiday Drive
– Upgrade the Charity HQ to start shippin’ off the donations
Reward: Giant Snow Globe, percy Pillbug, Tier 4 Charity Reward