Pioneer Trail Crazy Cake

By | November 2, 2011

Are you ready to make pioneer trail crazy cake from frontierville brick oven ?

This sweet gives you a 100 energy bonus and +1 to you Max Energy! That’s…CRAZY! (Cannot consume if you are already at the ration maximum.) It goes straight to your inventory when baked

to craft crazy cake you will need these items :
10 Raw Sugar + 8 Chocolate Shavings = Milk Chocolate
5 Milk Chocolate + 15 Cream Cheese = Crazy Cake

use the tips below to find each craft materials faster :

how to get raw sugar :
– find raw sugar from tending sugar cane
– trade in rewards from sugar cane collection
– ask from friends using raw sugar link

how to get chocolate shavings :
– trade in rewards completing cocoa collection or brick oven collection
– tending cocoa tree
– ask from friends using chocolate link

how to get cream cheese :
– find it from tending Cream Cow
– ask friends using ‘ask for more’ button

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