Pioneer Trail Fanny’s Baby Shower Missions Links

By | February 22, 2012

Click frontierville Family Park to Participate in pioneer trail fanny’s baby shower missions !

Send out the invites, prepare for the party, organize games and ensure fanny has some great gifts to open to get these rewards :
– Pink Dogwood
– Black Puppy
– Tabby Kitten
– Brown Bear Cub

here are the request links that available for this frontierville baby shower quests :
white basket link – baby shower invite link – onesie link – natural vanilla link – mini chocolate link
white-basket-link baby-shower-invite-link onesie-link natural-vanilla-link mini-chocolate-link

memorable moment link – doll dress link – decorative button link – colored frosting link
memorable-moment-link doll-dress-link decorative-button-link colored-frosting-link

total items you need for this missions are :
24 Tiny Bows
6 Baby Shower Invites
26 Well Wishes
70 Buttons
50 Wrapping
56 Cocoa Grafts
40 Squash Sprouts
37 Memorable Moments
4 Shower Decorations
55 Cupcake Batter
18 White Baskets
56 Double Boilers
48 Baking Chocolate
8 Doll Cribs
15 Doll Dresses
15 Coloured Frosting
20 Play blocks
25 Long Stem Rose
15 Onesies

quest item that can be request or drop from homestead :
112 Bear Stuffing (tending Adult Goats)
60 Mint Chocolates (harvesting Chocolate Hearts)
88 Natural Vanilla (Vanilla Orchids)
40 Whipped Yolk (drop from chickens)
24 Oak Twig (chopping Oak Trees)

quest item that can be found on your homestead :
36 Knitting Wool (Tending Adult Sheep)
84 Hazelnuts (Hazelnut Trees)
20 Blooming Pink Rose (Pink Roses)
20 Blooming White Rose (White Roses)

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