Pioneer Trail Frog Infestation Missions

By | September 20, 2013

Frogs have invaded the frontierville in pioneer trail frog infestation missions ! Pair up with your friends to study these new frogs and learn how they got here ! You can even earn the brand new frog costume !

partner with a friend to raise and study these new invasive frogs ! you’ll have one week to raise them so that they can be studied !
– familiar frog
– typical toad
– unusual frog
– priceless pollywog

frontierville frog invasion quest wrappers :
mission 1: Fancy Froglegs
– Tend 4 Complete Unusual Frogs
– Tend any Frog Prince 3 times
– Collect 25 protective gloss from friends
Reward: 3 Frog legs, Priceless Pollywog, Frog Costume

mission 2: Frog Figurin’
– Tend 4 Complete Typical Toads
– Tend a Camo Typical Toad
– Tend a Teal unusual frog
Reward: Shearing for Shave tails, 15 Horseshoes, Floating Frog

frontierville frogging infestation goals :

goal 1: Toad Taxonomy Mission
– Place the Frog Haven
– Gather 8 Frog Almanacs – adult goats
– Study any Frog with 4 Pond Parcels
Reward: 3 Pond Pad, Frog Legs, Green Frog

goal 2: Playin’ with Pllywogs Mission
– Kiss 2 Kissing Frogs (coins in market)
– Study any Frog Pond 15 times
– Finish phase 1 of the Frog Haven
Reward: 5 White Water Lily, Typical Toad unlocked, Marigold Frog


goal 3: Foreign Frogs Mission
– Gather 12 Frog Invaders – chop Fully grown pine trees
– Study any Frog Pond 28 times
– Finish phase 2 of the Frog Haven
Reward: Frog Legs, Unusual Frog unlocked, White Frog Pond

goal 4: Ebbing Ecosystem Mission
– Gather 30 Pond Samples – harvest lavendar water lilies
– Study any Frog Pond 32 times
– Finish the Frog Haven
Reward: 6 Pond Pad, Priceless Pollywog, Large Pond