Pioneer Trail Frog Jumping Missions

By | October 4, 2013

Breed and race the rarest frogs and toads on the frontier in pioneer trail frog jumping missions !
breed the best jumping frogs for the kids to use in their race, you can breed frogs with friends or even with ted 🙂

wrapper quest : a real racing frog mission
– tend any special frogs 3 times
– tend any danger fanciful frog on your homestead
– tend any rocket trekkin’ toad twice on your homestead
rewards : 2 Frog Legs, Raging Bull, Team Frog

frog breeding quest : a breed i’ve never seen mission
– finish breeding frogs 10 times
– have 1 exotic glowing frog
– ask for 25 tales of the frog
rewards : 25 Horseshoes, Beef Jerky, Tie Dye Toad

frontierville goals :

goal 1: the great frog race mission
– study any frog with 6 pond parcels
– gather 4 racing frogs to get more racing candidates
– place the frog track to give them frogs a place to jump
rewards : priceless pollywog, 2 pond parcels, 4 hosta flower

goal 2: in all frog fairness mission
– finish breeding frogs 2 times
– go fishing at the fishing pond 8 times
– add to the frog track
rewards : fanciful frog, fanciful frog unlocked, 4 pond parcels

goal 3: croaking with class mission
– study fanciful frogs with 24 pond parcels
– train your frogs 6 times at the frog track
– upgrade the frog track and get closer to racing
rewards : trekkin toad, frog legs, frog crate

goal 4: finding the toad’s talent mission
– study trekking toads with 24 pond parcels
– harvest 40 worm nests
– upgrade the frog track and get ready for racing
rewards : frog crate, frog legs, hosta flowers

goal 5: froggy and friends mission
– finish breeding frogs 5 times
– train frogs 15 times at the frog track
– complete the frog track and leap to victory
reward : 2 trekkin toads, squeezing the stone, fortune frog