Pioneer Trail Ghostly Triplet Witches Missions

By | October 18, 2013

Three ghostly witches have risen to bother the frontier folk. So in pioneer trail ghostly triplet missions find out about their past in order to find a way to rid them from the frontierville !
Rid the frontier of this witchy trio and earn halloween decorations !

quest wrapper : A Grave Unrest
– Complete the Stairway to Hovel Mission
– Gather 18 Familiar Scents (Drops while transforming tomes, shaping familiar and animating skeletons)
– Finish the Open Grave
Rewards:3 Gnarled Trees, 3 Spooky Graves, 3 Crashed Witches

The terrible triplet of witches is still causing mayhem all over the frontier ! grab your buddies and make the gals go off to a better place to earn you some haunting halloween decorations !

frontierville ghostly witches goals :

goal 1: Haunter Hank Mission
– Gather 8 Clean Underwear (tend neighbors goats)
– Tend 30 Adult Standard Goats
– Place the Open Grave
Rewards:Witch’s Wardrobe, 3 Bubbling Cauldrons, Spooky Crate

goal 2: The Weeping Witch Mission
– Translate 2 Timeworn Tomes (in market – takes 7 Script Translations)
– Gather 10 Puritan Pictures (harvest Bleeding Hearts)
– Place and Finish the Witch’s Wardrobe (reward from mission 1)
Rewards:Tainted Table, 3 Candy Corn, Candy Crate

goal 3: Frightening Foodstuff Mission
– Gather 15 Stained Robes (Harvest Candy Corn)
– Shape 3 Shady Familiars (in market – takes 11 Mystical Vows to shape)
– Place and Finish the Tainted Table (reward from mission 2)
Rewards:Haunted Hovel, 3 Mini Pumpkins, Kitty

goal 4: Stairway to Hovel Mission
– Gather 10 Witchy Whereabouts (Tend neighbors pumpkins)
– Animate 4 Spirited Skeletons (in market – takes 12 Animated Chants)
– Place and Finish the Haunted Hovel (reward from mission 3)
Rewards:Witchy Crate, 6 Bubbling Cauldrons, Belfry Tower

mission : Protection for passing
– Tidy up Haunted Hovel 20 times
– Ask for 25 Elixir Recipes (Ask)
– Gather 15 Bone Dusts (Drops from Black Newts, Scarecrones and Skeletal Horses)
Rewards:Witchy Crate Craft, Witchy Crate, 3 Ghostly Pioneer Boosts