Pioneer Trail Gold Rush Preparation Missions Links

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Get prepared for the gold rush in pioneer trail gold rush preparation golden rewards await !

fill the preparation meter to unlock rewards, like the wagon wheel fountain and goldfish ponds !

you can see 3 wrapper missions requirements on frontierville prepare for gold rush and 3 repeatable missions in frontierville preparation missions

total items you need to collect for crafting :
12 mashed potatoes
16 potato mashers
16 creamy butter
30 iced tea
30 granny’s no 5
32 sharp blades
40 steel sheet
20 wire mesh
40 pup wraps
60 pup medicine
40 wild pup care boos

here are the request links for this missions :
steel wheels link – creamy butter link – iced tea link
steel-wheels-link creamy-butter-link iced-tea-link

granny’s no. 5 link – steel sheet link – pup medicine link
grannys-no-5-link steel-sheet-link pup-medicine-link

send badger link

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