Pioneer Trail Gold Rush Stories Missions Links

By | February 14, 2012

Collect pioneer trail gold rush stories missions items faster with these request links !

click your supply outpost now to start helping travelers ! see the requirements for each mission on frontierville gold rush stories and materials to help travelers in help travelers missions

here are the list of items you can request from friends and which quest need them :

you need leather square to craft fancy wallet for helping rusty : outfit rusty the prospector
leather square link

you must collect raw bacon and crusty biscuits for every mission to craft provisions
red-bacon crusty-biscuits
raw bacon link – crusty biscuits link

request a lot of wildflower extract and scrubbing brush now ! because you’ll need them to craft washin’ stuff for :
helping helena : teach helena how to run an inn
helping jim : check in on “jim”
helping mae : help mae pick up jim’s trail
helping bert : help bert get back out east
wildflower-extract scrubbing-bush
wildflower extract link – scrubbin’ bush link

get 8 large keyring to help helena for inn-side job mission
large keyring link

ask for 16 clean bandana from friends to help jim in gold and opportunity mission
clean bandana link

collect 6 shiny spurs to help mae in slender arm of the law mission
shiny spurs link

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