Pioneer Trail Grand Railroad Train Station Materials Links

By | February 1, 2012

Help jasper take the first step to the gold rush ! To build pioneer trail train station on grand railroad you must collect materials !
Finish your station and receive daily supply crates containing construction materials, victorian decorations , or special train animals.. you can also get it by finishing frontierville train station goals

Here are the material links that you can request to build train station :
scare off the varmints (part 1)
Snake Hooks

prepare the land (part 2)
16 Crosscut Saw
5 Sack of Limestone
crosscut-saw-link sack-of-limestone-link

13 Potbellied Keg – lay the tracks (part 3)

40 Telegraph Wire – finish the station (part 5)

build the foundation (part 4)
30 Iron Rail Spikes
10 Tunnel Beams
iron-rail-spikes-link tunnel-beams-link

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