Pioneer Trail Greenhouse

By | September 25, 2011

Runnin’ outta room for your crops? Build a Pioneer Trail Greenhouse – you can go inside! – and finish frontierville greenhouse quests to unlock grapes, watermelon and carrots. Don’t be fooled, the inside of the Greenhouse is bigger than the outside, and groundhog-free to boot!

GREENHOUSE TENDING: You can tend the crops in each of your neighbors’ Greenhouses 5 times per day by clicking on them. This icon shows how many “tends” you have left on this Greenhouse

to finish your greenhouse collect these materials :
10 mulch
10 plant food
10 ladybugs
15 insulating glass link
15 sturdy frame link
15 irrigation system link


That’s a mighty fine Greenhouse ya got there! Why don’t ya click on the Greenhouse, then select “Go Inside” to check ‘er out!
Looks like you’ve truly got a green thumb! When yer ready, just click that nifty “Back to Outside” button on the left there. It’ll bring ya back outside.

new crops that you can unlock by finishing greenhouse goals requirements :
part 2 : carrot
part 3 : grape
part 4 : watermelon
Unlocked by completing a Greenhouse Mission

there are some new collections for the building and crops !
greenhouse collection : butterflies, mister, garden bunny, gardening gloves, gardening tape
trade in reward : big wither protection boost

carrot collection : carrot cake, carrot muffin, carrot puree, glazed carrots, pickled carrots
trade in reward : carrot juice

grape collection : grape juice, raisins, grape jam, grape bread, grape parfait
trade in reward : rose garden

watermelon collection : watermelon seeds, tangled vines, melon smoothie, watermelon sorbet, grilled watermelon
trade in reward : melon table

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