Pioneer Trail Hanks Pond Anniversary Location Materials Links

By | January 27, 2012

Help Hank create the perfect date by the lake… and give fanny a mommy makeover ! to make a progress with pioneer trail hanks pond anniversary location you need to collect materials

here are some item links that you will need to collect, use them to send and collect parts faster :

frontierville anniversary missions :
10 draping fabric
25 pink lily
35 mixed tulips

draping-fabric-link pink-lily-link mixed-tulips-link

frontierville hanks pond anniversary location
fixing up the lake items :
6 romantic candle link

preparing fanny items :
8 silver bangle
2 strong thread

links :
silver-bangle-link strong-thread-link

gussy fanny up items :
6 classy makeup
2 elegant lace
3 happiness

links :
classy-makeup-link elegant-lace-link happiness-link

finishing touches items :
10 sparkling cider
2 bottle of cream

links :
sparkling-cider-link bottle-of-cream-link

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