Pioneer Trail Hank’s Pranks Mission

By | December 27, 2013

Help fanny punish hank on pioneer trail hank’s pranks mission because she have had it up to here with hank’s pranks ! help the twins turn the tables a bit and give hank a prank he will not soon forget !
This timed mission must be accepted by febuary 1, 2014 and completed within 6 days of starting the event. If you succeed you’ll earn a cool special prize !

Frontierville Hank’s Pranks Timed Mission Tasks:
– Harvest 18 Lavender Water Lilies
– Tend Sally Salamander 8 times
– Craft 6 Payback Pail Traps
Rewards: 2 BBQ Bronto Ribs, 3 Animal Vaccine Boost, Chatter Teeth

crafting guide
Washin Board + Full Bucket = Bucket Flap
Bucket Flap + Quiet Hinges = Payback Pail Trap


item hints :
Lavender Water Lilies can be found in the Market and Free Gifts Page
Sally Salamander can be purchased in the Market
Washin Board usually drops when harvesting Sieve Station
Sieve Stations are found in the Market and the Free Gifts Page

Oh my, look at his hair ! Ha, serves him right ! i love him, but i cannot help but laugh !