Pioneer Trail Harvest Festival Missions

By | October 25, 2013

Prepare for the pioneer trail harvest festival missions and earn a cornucopia of rewards !
It’s the harvest festival, but crops have been disappearing all over ! stop the thieving and get this party started !
– place the harvest basket to start the festivities
– find pilfered payloads and retrieve stolen goods
– earn a cornucopia of rewards !

frontierville quest wrapper : Loverly Leaves
– Harvest Maple Trees 12 Times (got one as reward from mission 1)
– Harvest Sassafras Trees 8 Times
– Create 15 Leaf Paints
Rewards: Weather Vane, Huge Leaf Pile, Leaf-Covered Ground Unlock

goal 1: Harvest Help Mission
– Harvest 20 Carrots
– Harvest 25 Pear Trees
– Place the Harvest Basket
Rewards: Maple Tree, 2 Unwither Crop, 3 Harvest Gourds

goal 2: Basket Case Mission
– Harvest 15 Gourds (free Gift)
– Gather 25 Large Scissors (harvest Tin Forges)
– Unwrap the Harvest Basket
Rewards: Angus Cow, 2 Wither Protection, Animal Edibles

goal 3: Imp-Festation Mission
– Reclaim 12 items from the Pilfered Payloads (uses 6 Harvest Retrieval Kit)
– Calm down the Belted Cows 40 times
– Round up the li’l Imps
Rewards: Blue Chipmunk, 2 Almond Trees, Quick Licorice

how to get Pilfered Payloads » found near Grass, Rodks, Thorns, Harvest Gourds and the Harvest Basket.


goal 4: Homegoing Mission
– Tend 12 Blue Chipmunks (got 2 from previous mission)
– Recover 24 more items from the Pilfered Payloads
– Seal the portal at the bottom of the Harvest Basket
Rewards: Harvest Crate, Cornucopia, Saving Grace

goal 5: Rapid Repairs Mission
– Clobber 5 Groundhogs
– Tend a Redeemed Imp 4 times (click to tend)
– Save the Harvest Festival by reparing the damage!
Rewards: 2 warehouse Slot Upgrade, Raised Bed Expansion, Spirit Robin

how to find Redeemed Imp » Occasionally drops when fully reclaiming Pilfered Payloads