Pioneer Trail Hibernation Preparation Missions

By | November 8, 2013

Sleepy time ! start pioneer trail hibernation preparation missions because the animal need your help preparing for their hibernation ! give them a nice place to sleep and get rewarded
partner with a friend to help the frontier critters hibernate ! you’ll have one week to get them prepped for a winter-long sleep !

frontierville hibernation tips :
search slipshod and breezy dens to find a hibernator in need
partner up to prepare the hibernators, both partners can tend the animals
prep your animals fast, get their BMIs up so they can survive the winter and get great prizes

quest wrapper : Old, Cold and Cranky
– Tend 200 Roosters or any homestead to shut ’em up!
– Gather 20 Catnip Teas fer a calm sleep
– Create Ten Rock N’ Sleepers
Reward: Snoozin’ Granny, 5 Cattle Power, Dream Boost

hibernator manager ! start preping, start a new hibernator with a friend and earn rewards galore !
here you can see all your hibernators, get new hibernators, and find friends to partner up with !

goal 1: Losin’ Sleep Mission
– Harvest 12 Persimmon Trees
– Find a Hibernating Animal in a Slipshod or Breezy Den
– Place the Dormitorium
Reward: 500XP, Animal Edibles, Wilderness Crate

goal 2: A Place to Lay yer Head Mission
– Harvest 20 Bamboo to help build dens
– Prepare any Hibernating Animal 16 times
– Upgrade the Dormitorium
Reward: Breezy Den, 5 Catnip, Hibernation Kit

goal 3: Fattening ’em Up Mission
– Collect 50 Fatty Bacons
– Prepare any Hibernating Animal 28 Times
– Upgrade the Dormitorium
Reward: Prized Animal Crate, Spiky Hibernator, 5 Valerian

goal 4: Cozy Doze Mission
– Harvest 50 American Moss for bedding
– Prepare any Hibernating Animal 42 times
– Finish preparing the Dormitorium
Reward: Breezy Den, Dream Boost, Bear Hibernator

mission wrapper : Sleep Study
– Tend a completed Fuzzy Hibernator Four times
– Tend Ms. Amy Munk Once
– Tend Quill Gillians Twice
Reward: Fancy Burrow, Dream Boost, 2 Warehouse Storage Slots