Pioneer Trail Historical Snowmen Mission

By | December 27, 2013

Happy holidays ! let’s have fun with snows and build some snowman on pioneer trail historical snowmen mission 🙂
Did you know that people have built snowmen since ancient times ? This gives me a great idea for a school leson !

frontierville historical snowmen goal walkthrough :
– complete 1 medieval snowman
– collect bonus on jester snowman 5 times
– collect bonus on pharaoh snowman 5 times
rewards : 10 horseshoes, snowy grass, 1 ice block

in order to build medieval snowman you need to do some crafting start from :
great snowman tend it 4 times with packing snow (snowball piles)
it will becomes a bare snowman that you must tend 8 times with snow features by crafting
1 snowmen feature = 2 carrot noses (baby carrots) + 2 coal buttons (wall post)

then it will become either a Medieval snowmen or Ancient snowmen
it requires 5 snow history to tend
1 snow history = 3 sturdy covers (hide prepping stations) + 3 ragged encyclopedias (request) + 4 tacky clothing (wall post)

ancient snowmen will become pharaoh, athena or cave snowmen
medieval snowmen will become knight, jester or knight snowmen