Pioneer Trail Hot Springs Missions

By | November 1, 2013

Complete pioneer trail hot springs missions to build up a frontier bath house ! test the frontierville hot spring water to find out their mineral properties 🙂
Hot springs are popping up all over the frontier, get down to your skinnies and hop in for a relaxing god time. Earn steaming rewards like the steaming crate and outdoor hot tub !

quest wrapper : The Mineral Spring
Tend Steamin’ Beavers 3 times
Collect the Hot Spring Five Day Megaprize
Ask for 25 Mineral Samples (Ask)
Rewards: Mineral Spring, Steamin’ Crate, The Crop Whisperer

wrapper mission : Finish fer Fanny
Gather 8 Shiny Bolts (tend Hot Spring Otters)
Gather 10 Scalded Axes (from the final tend of Aromatic Geysers)
Ask for 30 Stored Toolbelts (Ask)


goal 1: Fuming Fissures Mission
– Chop Fully Grown Oak Trees 12 times
– Gather 6 Mineral Data (drops while clearing rocks)
– Place the Hot Spring
Rewards: Wilderness Crate, 3 Cucumbers, Water Geyser

goal 2: Springin’ into Action Mission
– Clean 2 Movin’ Muds (got 2 from the Hot Spring, takes 8 Cleaning Solution to clean)
– Tend Adult Standard Sheep 30 times
– Upgrade the Hot Spring
Rewards: Windy Crate, 3 Lilac, 2 Escargot Boosts

goal 3: Mineral Treatment Mission
– Gather 12 Facial Masks
– Complete testing on Three Aromatic Geysers (in market – takes 10 Testing Kits to complete)
– Upgrade the next phase of the Hot Spring
Rewards: Mystery Animal Collection Part 4, 3 Brass Forges, Sudsy Tub

goal 4: All Piped Up Mission
– Gather 30 chunks of Rich Mud
– Craft 8 Mud Suits
– Complete the next Hot Spring upgrade
Rewards: 3 Cucumbers, Steamin’ Crate, Smoked Buffalo Ribs

goal 5: Crop Nourishment Mission
– Clean 5 Movin’ Muds
– Complete Testing 4 Aromatic Geysers
– Complete the Hot Spring
Rewards: 3 Steamin’ Crates, The Crop Whisperer, Animal Vaccine Boost