Pioneer Trail Last Days of the Season Missions

By | September 9, 2011

Prepare yer child for school with frontierville school house upgrade ! and finish 2 new last days of the season missions
the quest titles for each goal :
1. Childhood Memories
2. Make Hay While the Sun Shines!

now collect these parts to finish your pioneer school upgrade :
10 school bell
10 school desk
10 text books
15 oak boards – link
15 large screws – link
15 flathead – link


GOAL: Last Days of the Season, Part I of II
– Have or Start the School House upgrade
– Feed 20 Pigs on your homestead
– Feed 20 Ducks on your homestead
Rewards: Ice Cream Sandwich, 250XP, 250 Coins

GOAL: Last Days of the Season, Part II of II
– Tend 12 Horses on your homestead or neighbors’
– Collect 10 Small Pitchforks
– With your child mount the Playful Pony
Rewards: Apple Treat, 500XP, 500 Coins

when you finish, start 3 repeatable missions : frontierville first day of school

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