Pioneer Trail Lunar New Year Missions

By | February 14, 2014

On pioneer trail lunar new year missions long min has arrived on the homestead and has brought new knowledge and ideas ! The lunar new year 2014 is upon us, help the homestead celebrate and earn exotic rewards !
Long Min has arrived on the homestead to open up his foreign imports business. Let’s do the right thing and make him feel welcome by getting to know him and throwing him a party !

monday wrapper : This Party is Lunar
– Tend the Lunar New Year’s Dragon Three times
– Ask for 25 Illegal Fireworks
– Craft 12 Lunar New Year Platters
Rewards: Dancing Dragon, Orchard Upgrade, New Year’s Fireworks

Min is new to the homestead but is offering to help out already. Follow his map of the stars to help the homesteaders and solvean age old mystery.
Use telscopes to gaze upon the stars and unlock the mysteries of the heavens. Discover exotic new animals based off a lunar calendar. Earn rare and foreign rewards for your homestead like the dancing dragon.

frontierville quest wrapper 1: Star Gazer Mission
– Harvest 80 Sesames
– Complete the first Three Lunar New Year’s Mission
– Collect 15 Frontier Commodities
Rewards: Hitching Post, Sheep Dog, Random Reward

goal 1: Clever as a Sheep Mission
– Collect the Daily Bonus on Min’s Observatory
– Gather 10 High Quality Wool
– Ask for 16 Sheep Intellect
Rewards: 3 Sugar Canes, Lunar Fireworks, 300 XP

goal 2: Rat Race Mission
– Gather 20 Rats
– Craft Six Rat Washers
– Search the Heavens using the Homemade Telescope
Rewards: Oak Tree, Wither Protection, Random Reward

goal 3: Oxen-tatious Mission
– Harvest 20 Bull Thistle
– Ask for 25 Comfortable Yokes
– Master Earth and Water through their essence using Slippers of Balance
Rewards: Fully Grown Pine, 3 Sesame, Frontier Commodities

frontierville quest wrapper 2: Happy to Help Mission
– Collect 16 Foreign Merchandise
– Complete Lunar New Year’s Missions 4, 5, and 6
– Harvest 150 Ginger
Rewards: 2 Flaming Gloves, White Dogwood Tree, Shearing for Shave-Tails

goal 4: Dog Gone Ted Mission
– Gather Two Chop Sticks
– Ask for 20 Dog Houses
– Harvest 25 Wild Nettles
Rewards: 2 Lunar Fireworks, 3 Steel Forges, Random Reward

goal 5: Jack Will Doodle Doo Mission
– Master Metal and Wood through their essence using Shields of Strength
– Gather 12 Rooster’s Zeal
– Craft Eight Rooster Alarms
Rewards: Brown Rabbit, 2 Bamboo, Holiday Mystery Crate

goal 6: Goldie’s Luck Mission
– Harvest 30 Bamboo
– Tend any Wood Rabbit Three times
– Ask for 25 Goldie’s Investments
Rewards: Foreign Merchandise, New Year’s Fireworks, Random Reward

frontierville quest wrapper 3: Crazy Conclusion Mission
– Complete the “Star Gazer” and “Happy to Help” missions
– Complete Lunar New Year’s Missions 7, 8, and 9
– Collect 30 Ancient Artifacts
Rewards: 3 Lunar Fireworks, Granny’s Gut Punch, 2 warehouse Slot Upgrade

goal 7: Granny’s Gear Mission
– Ask for 20 Granny’s Family Trees
– Craft Eight Granny’s Age Indicators
– Harvest 40 Horse Tails
Rewards: 3 Lunar Fireworks, Star Map, random Reward

goal 8: Ancient Answers Mission
– Gather 50 Granny’s Antiques
– Ask for 25 Archaeology Tools
– Use Min’s Observatory to search for answers 50 times[
Rewards: Summer Fireflies, Book of Fire, Ancient Artifacts

goal 9: Conclusive Conclusion Mission
– Tend Fully Grown Summer Fireflies 12 times
– Master Fire through it’s essence using Flaming Gloves
– Craft 12 Granny’s Age Conclusion
Rewards: Cattle Power, family Secret Mystery Crate, Random Reward

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