Pioneer Trail Nature’s Fury Missions

By | September 27, 2013

Help storm crow soothe nature and get help from her on your direct requests in this pioneer trail nature’s fury missions !
Storm Crow’s fallen ill and strange natural events are plaguing the frontier ! hal storm crow so she can soothe nature’s fury and get you help with direct requests !

mission wrapper : Angry Orchard
– Harvest Ancient tree 25 times
– Harvest Elderberry trees 6 times
– Compose 12 Tree Lullabies
Reward: Espresso Boost, Lumber Tree Serum, 3 Eco-Jackings

quest wrapper : Restless Spirits
– Soothe 12 Angry Weather Spirits
– Soothe 12 Angry Animal Spirits
– Soothe 12 Angry Plant Spirits
Reward: 2 Warehouse slot upgrade, Book of XP, Mystery Trunk

Appeasing nature ! Nature’s upset ! but why ? help get to the root of nature’s ire and earn great rewards and help with direct requests !
– make offerings to the nature shrine to get magic amulets
– use the amulets to charm the disturbances and reveal the angry spirits behind them
– earn amazing rewards and get request help from nature

frontierville nature fury goals guide :

goal 1: Diseases and Disturbances
– Harvest 20 Bearberry crops
– Tend 25 Chickens
– Place the Nature Shrine
Reward: Elderberry Tree, 500 XP, 3 Thorns

goal 2: A Cure for what ails you
– Harvest 18 Wild Buttercups
– Make offering to Nature Shrine 3 times
– Finish phase 1 of the Nature Shrine
Reward: Wind-Knotted tree, Request help unlock, Canary

goal 3: Do Not Disturb
– Get Direct Request help from Little Crow
– Remove 4 Natural Disturbances – takes 3 amulets (ask friends)
– Finish phase 2 of the Nature Shrine
Reward: Spirit Eagle, 2 Potent Offerings, Request more help

goal 4: A Great Disturbance
– Tend spirit eagle 8 times
– Tend Angry Spirits 36 times – takes 3 weather wooers (ask friends)
– Finish phase 3 of the Nature Shrine
Reward: Prized animal crate, 5 Wild Buttercups, More request help

goal 5: The Malicious Mayor
– Gather 25 Knotted Vines – harvest wild buttercups
– Fully soothe 24 Angry Spirits
– Finish the Nature Shrine
Reward: Appeased Spirit, Fancy Kitten, More request help

direct request help !
Helping out nature has its benefits. With a simple request to nature, she can help you get bonus items from your direct requests !
– click on the nature shrine to request nature’s help with direct requests
– for the next 15 minutes, nature will send you one of every item you make a request for !
– the further you appease nature, the more often she can help you with your requests