Pioneer Trail Naughty or Nice Missions

By | December 20, 2013

On pioneer trail naughty or nice missions you need to help santa sort the naughty from nice and earn holiday rewards !
He’s making a list ! Santa’s lost his naughty or nice list, you helped him out a lot last year so he’s asking you to help sort the naughty homesteaders from the nice ! help out st. nick and earn some very merry rewards !

The Monday Wrapper: New Year’s Wingman Mission
– Harvest 250 Purple Echinacea
– Ask for 25 Breath Spray
– Craft ten Affection Potions
Reward: Decorative Party Popper, Ourchard Upgrade, New Year’s Ball

quest wrapper :
part 1: Makin A List Mission
– Harvest 50 Mulberry Bushes
– Complete all three of the Probably Nice missions
– Collect 15 Scroll Paper
Reward: Candy Stocking, Bear Hibernator, Random Reindeer

part 2: Quille-Ex Mission
– Collect 16 Partridge Quills
– Complete all three of the Probably Naughty Missions
– Gather 150 Christmas Ornaments
Reward: Future Contraption, Lit Up Sleigh, Flashing Tree

part 3: Checkin’ It Twice Mission
– Complete the ‘Makin’ a Lis’ and ‘Quill-Ex quests
– Complete all the three of the Status Unknown Missions
– Collect 30 Magic Inks for Santa
Reward: Holiday Sweater, Packed Sleigh, 2 Warehouse Slot Upgrade

Santa needs your help writting the frontierville naughty or nice list ! help him out and earn some great rewards !
Observe all your friends and neighbors to determine whether they’ve been naughty or nice. The power is in your hands, use it wisely..


goal 1: The Good Doctor
– Collect the bonus from The List two times
– Gather 25 Reckless Experiments
– Ask yer friends for 16 examples of Doc’s Good Deeds
Reward: 3 Yellow Essence Labs, Escargot Boost, 300 XP

goal 2: Goof of the Magi
– Gather 20 Sale Receipt Scraps
– Craft six Cancellation Contracts
– Harvest 30 Holly
Reward: Mistletoe Tree, Wither Protection, Random Reward

goal 3: Bad Santa
– Tend Mistletoe Trees six times
– Ask for 20 Santa Beards
– Stuff two Limp Stockings
Reward: Romance Sheep, 3 Coal Pile, Scroll Paper

Note: 10 Petite Present (20 in total)


quest 1: Reindeer Hit and Run
– Collect 30 Coal Lumps
– Ask for 20 Reindeer Tracks
– Tend a Brown, Grey, or White Reindeer
Reward: Giant Blue Candy, 3 Holly, Random Reward

quest 2: Witherwood’s Heart of Gold
– Fully Orient two Lost Polar Bears
– Gather 25 Animal Snacks
– Craft eight Animal Sweaters
Reward: Partridge, Giant Green Candy Cane, Holiday Mystery Crate

Note: 12 Christmas Compass (24 in total)

quest 3: Dirty Birdie
– Tend ten Partridges
– Wrap up five Unwrapped Gifts
– Ask for 25 Stolen Gifted Crops
Reward: Partridge Quill, Giant Red Candy Cane, Random Reward


mission 1: Soap a Dope
– Collect 20 B&B Candy Canes
– Craft eight Candy Chemistry Kits
– Harvest 60 Spearmint
Reward: Fence with Garland, Monkey Puzzle Tree, Random Reward

mission 2: Jack be Naughty, Jack be Nice
– Harvest 50 Peppermint Bushes
– Ask for accounts of 25 of Jack’s Favors
– Test the Untested Holiday Bells 50 times
Reward: Massive Snow Cloud, Red Poinsettias, Magic Ink

mission 3: You’ll Shoot Yer Cousin’s Eye Out
– Search for bugs in any locations 12 times
– Gather six Eyepatches
– Craft ten Cork Rifles
Reward: Cattle Power, White Poinsettias, Random Reward.