Pioneer Trail Photographer Missions

By | November 29, 2013

Help milly with family photos in pioneer trail photographer and earn great new clothing items !

Wrapper Quest : Filling Out The Wardrobe
– Collect 8 Torn Photos
– Collect 10 Stylish Photos
– Collect 10 Clothing Patterns
Rewards: Male Commoner Attire, Female Commoner Attire, City Wardrobe

Monday Wrapper Mission : City Style
– Gather 30 Convex Lenses
– Ask for 25 Cityfolk Styles
– Harvest 250 Cotton
Rewards: Male Stylish Attire, Female Stylish Attire, Saving Grace

frontierville photographer walkthrough guide :

goal 1: Milly the Photographer Mission
– Chop Fully Grown Pine Trees 8 Times
– Gather 7 Wheel Biters
– Place the Camera Wagon
Rewards: Fast Hands, Windy Crate, 2 Silver Veins

goal 2: That Frontier Look Mission
– Fix Milly’s 2 Busted Cameras
– Harvest 18 Brass Forges
– Upgrade the Camera Wagon
Rewards: Old Timey Camera, 3 Steel Forges, Green Lightning

goal 3: Glamour Shot Mission
– Complete 4 Photo Shoots with the Photo Camera
– Harvest 30 Pink Roses
– Upgrade the Camera Wagon
Rewards: Pink Rose Arbor, 3 Wild Buttercups, Wilderness Juice

goal 4: Snapping The Family Photo Mission
– Mend 4 Clothes with the Sewing Machine
– Tend 120 Sheep for Wool
– Upgrade the Camera Wagon
Rewards: Sewing Machine, 3 Golden Pastures, Quick Draw Quaff

goal 5: A Range of Photos Mission
– Fix the Camera Wagon 12 Times
– Harvest 60 Rye
– Complete the Camera Wagon
Rewards: Male Worker Attire, Female Worker Attire, Book of Experience

hints :
Wheel Biters drop from Rocks
Busted Camera takes 6 Camera Bits that are crafted from 1 Wooden Leg (Pine) and 3 Sliding Rails (Wall Post)
Photo Camera requires 7 Negative Paper that is crafted from 2 Silver Salt (Silver Vein) and 3 Table Salt (Wall Post)
Sewing machine requires 8 Mending Cloths that are crafted from 2 Shimmering Patches (Silk) and 3 Dyed Thread (Wall Post)
Camera Wagon is fixed using Wagon Scraps. Each Wagon Scrap requires 6 Metal Braces (Tin Forges) and 8 Toe Boards (Wall Post)