Pioneer Trail Railroad Baron Missions The Frontier Forgery

By | January 17, 2014

Eddy’s come to the frontier to build rails across your land in pioneer trail railroad baron missions ! don’t let him !
Looks like we’ve got a new comer on the frontier ! he’s come from the east where the railroads are expading. Sort out this presistent railroad lawyer’s identity and earn forge storage !

quest wrapper : Supplying Ridge Rails Mission
– Investigate 15 Finkerton’s Boards
– Investigate 15 News Articles
– Investigate 15 Reward Posters
Rewards: Forgery Slot Upgrade, 3 Silver Crates, Platinum Crate

mission wrapper : League-al Advice
– Disguise Sheep’s Clothing 4 times
– Tend a Wolfy Sheep 5 times
– Ask for 25 Sheared Wool
Rewards: 3 Black Sheep, Eco-Jacking, How To Jack Lumber

place forges from your inventory directly into your foundry and optionally add additional forges from the market !

frontierville railroad baron goals :

goal 1: Lawful Entry Mission
– Chop Pines 12 Times
– Tend 15 Imported Silver Sheep
– Place the Ridge Rail Station
Rewards: Golden Goose, 5 Iron Forges, 3 Sharp Axes

goal 2: Resisting Duress Mission
– Harvest 20 Iron Forges
– Disassemble 4 Unwanted Rails
– Upgrade the Ridge Rail Station
Rewards: Train Conclucktor, Finkerton BG Check, Lumber Tree Serum

goal 3: Abridged Lesson Mission
– Mine Iron Veins 8 Times
– Investigate Finkerton Boards, News Articles and Reward Posters 4 Times
– Upgrade the Ridge Rail Station
Rewards: Yellow Essence Lab, Loyal Pioneer, Long Rail

goal 4: Landlocked Mission
– Tend 6 Golden Geese
– Find 6 Eddy’s Identities
– Upgrade the Ridge Rail Station
Rewards: 2 Turned Rails, 2 Cross Rails, Spicy Deer Jerky

goal 5: Ill Legal Action Mission
– Harvest 50 Iron Forges
– Supply 18 Empty Train Carts
– Upgrade the Ridge Rail Station
Rewards: Ridge Train, Forgery Slot Upgrade, Chocolate Rush