Pioneer Trail Rekindling the Flame Sweepstakes Missions

By | February 10, 2012

Enter the pioneer trail rekindling the flame sweepstakes missions by finishing these 3 quests!
collect love notes by completing frontierville rekindling the flame missions to earn entries into the sweepstakes

complete missions for a chance to win one of these amazing prizes :
grand prize : $2,500 usd in cash
silver prizes : 5 valentine’s day mystery crates
bronze prize : 1 valentine’s day mystery crate & 25 HS

here are the task requirements :
goal I : Help on the Homestead Mission
Have 20 Love Notes
Complete the 2nd Rekindling the Flame mission, “Takin’ The Weight!” twice
Complete the 3rd Rekindling the Flame mission, “Gift from the East!” twice
Reward: 300XP, 5 Hearts, 5 Love Notes

goal II : Showing the Love Mission
Have 80 Love Notes
Complete the 5th Rekindling the Flame mission, “A Seat Fer Two!” three times
Complete the 7th Rekindling the Flame mission, “Decoratin’ Delight!” four times
Reward: Kissing Badgers, 10 Hearts, 10 Love Notes

goal III : Prettying Up the Homestead Mission
Have 150 Love Notes
Complete the 9th Rekindling the Flame mission, “Frontier Crafts!” four times
Complete the 10th Rekindling the Flame mission, “Unexpected Present!” four times
Reward: Loving Cow, 50 Hearts, 25 Love Notes

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