Pioneer Trail Thanks And Giving Missions

By | November 15, 2013

Place the wikiwah camp and finish all pioneer trail thanks and giving missions to earn awesome rewards like the wikiwah pride boost, and drum circle.
The wikiwah tribe is so thankful for all of your hard work that they want to show you their customs and games. Learn all about the wikiwah to earn grand prizes like the story fire and wikiwah pride boost.

Wrapper :
mission : Officially Wikiwah
Gather four Retold Tales. Gather ’em from the Story Fire! – rarely drops while listening to stories at the Story Fire
Gather six Painted Pottery. These will show your skills! – rarely drops while throwing Pottery at the Pottery Tent (Market)
Weave all 3 Autumn Loom blankets to show ’em you’ve got it! – use Weavin’ Work to Weave all three of the Autumn Loom blankets. (Market)
Rewards: Drum Circle, Raging Bull, 10 Horseshoes

quest wrapper : Learnin’ From the Wikiwah Mission
– Finish the “Shootin’ Gallery” mission four times
– Finish the “Fetch the Fat Fish” mission three times
– Play around to earn 5,000 Wikiwah Favor
Rewards: Drum Circle, Raging Bull, 10 Horseshoes

Drum Circle
Dancing in the Drum Circle has a chance of granting:
Golden Feather: 25 Energy, 5,000 Coins, 25 Wikiwah Favor
Silver Feather: 10 Energy, 2,500 Coins, 10 Wikiwah Favor
Bronze Feather: 5 Energy, 500 Coins, 5 Wikiwah Favor

The wikiwah tribe wants pay you back by showing you their customs. Learn all about the Wikiwah traditions while weaving, throwing pottery, and dancing!
frontierville givin’ games missions :

goal 1: Givin’ Thanks Mission
– Gather eight Speckled Corn for the feast later – drops while Harvesting Maize
– Ask for eight Thankful memories. Everyone’s got at least one!
– Collect the Daily Bonus on the Wikiwah Camp once it’s up and runnin’
Rewards: 2 Hide Prepping Stations, Bison, 20 Wikiwah Favor

goal 2: Drummin’ An’ Dancin’ Mission
– Gather 25 Squash Seeds for roastin’ mmm… Yummy! – rarely drops from Summer Squash
– Dance five times at the Wikiwah Camp to work on your moves – Click on the Camp, then click “Dance” to show your moves
– Craft six Dancin’ Garbs and get yer groove on!
Rewards: 2 Indian Paintbrushes, 40 Wikiwah Favor, Random Reward

goal 3: Looming Possibilities Mission
– Harvest Wild Oats 12 times to stock up for the feast later
– Ask for 12 Lovely Looms and some festive cloth
– Weave two Autumn Loom Blankets
Rewards: Wild Boar, Fully Grown Grizzly Oak, 50 Wikiwah Favor

goal 4: Puttin’ Up Pottery Mission
– Gather 18 Clay Deposits. They could be anywhere wet – usually drops while Harvesting Algae Pools
– Gather six Clay Pots from the Pottery Tent – occasionally drops while Molding at the Pottery Tent
– Ask for 18 Hand Molded Pots. Each one is unique!
Rewards: Wikiwah Pride Boost, 100 Wikiwah Favor, Random Reward

Listening to Fire Stories has a chance of granting:
Golden Feather: 25 Energy, 5,000 Coins, 25 Wikiwah Favor
Silver Feather: 10 Energy, 2,500 Coins, 10 Wikiwah Favor
Bronze Feather: 5 Energy, 500 Coins, 5 Wikiwah Favor

goal 5: Wikiwah Remedies Mission
– Chop Fully Grown Birch Trees 20 times to clear a little room for the feast
– Ask for 15 pieces of Shamanistic Wisdom learned from the Wikiwah
– Craft five Tummy Medicines to make sure no one has a bad night
Rewards: 3 Wild Oats, 120 Wikiwah Favor, Random Reward

goal 6: Shootin’ Gallery Mission
– Gather 16 Rice Sacks to stock up on rice! – usually drops while Harvesting Rye
– Have two practice sessions at the Archery Range
– Ask for 20 Shootin’ Bows to practice with the Wikiwah
Rewards: Unwither Crop, 130 Wikiwah Favor, Random Reward

goal 7: Tales of the Wikiwah Mission
– Gather five Grand Tales. There are some pretty good ones! – rarely drop while listening at the Story Fire [check your Inventory!]
– Gather ten Nuts n’ Berries fer a good snack – usually drop while Harvesting Mulberry
– Ask for 25 Sittin’ Pillows.
Rewards: Spicy Deer Jerky, 3 Golden Pastures, 140 Wikiwah Favor

goal 8: The Harvest Feast Mission
– Ask for 20 Scrumptious Sidedishes to make this meal the best!
– Gather 20 Rice Stuffings for all the guests – usually drops from Wild Oats
– Craft eight Thankful Centerpieces to liven up the tables
Rewards: Native Squirrel, 180 Wikiwah Favor, Random Reward

SECOND REWARD : Harvest Table