Pioneer Trail The 3F Mastery Club Missions

By | September 3, 2011

Get your animal mastery in frontierville with 3F mastery club and finish 3 new pioneer trail the 3F mastery club missions

GOAL: The 3F Mastery Club

become an animal master with 3F (Frontier Friends Foundation)

Must be Level 10+ to receive this mission set.

To start out on this new feature, click “Place” when you receive the following popup in-game (this will allow you to start the missions.) You can purchase it from the market at another time if you select “Maybe Later.

part 1 : Join The Club
– Collect 10 Ribbon Spools
– Tend 15 Chickens
– Tend 15 Cows
Rewards: 500XP, 300 Coins, 50 Chicken Mastery

part 2 : Learn By Doing
– Tend 15 Neighbor Animals
– Sell 10 Adult Sheep
– Collect a 3F Mastery Club Daily Bonus
Rewards: 600XP, 400 Coins, 1 Moose

part 3 : Masters Of Agriculture
– Complete 1 3F Mission (3f challenge missions)
– Master the Moose to Level 1
– Turn In 1 Moose Collection
Rewards: 700XP, 1000 Coins, 1 Badger

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