Pioneer Trail Trick or Treat 2013 Missions

By | October 11, 2013

Curses and candy ! it’s pioneer trail trick or treat 2013 missions time, but something strange has happened to the frontier folk. If you want their candy, you’ll hafta help them out !
there are 3 main quest for halloween 2013 frontierville candy map :
– funky farmlands
– terrifying town
– fearful forest

quest wrapper : Animal Candies
– Find 12 Candy Caches (From a new mission each day. Check the Candy Map to find out which one)
– Collect 18 AniMolds
– Craft 3 Animal Edibles Boosts
Rewards: Rock Candy Sheep, Candy Crate, Animal Vaccine Boost

It’s that time on the frontier when the ghouls come out and candy flows through the veins of children. Travel the map and enjoy some freaky frontier

goal 1: Petrifying Prep Mission
– Collect the Bonus from the Candy Safe
– Gather 8 Candy Buckets (Harvest Pumpkins)
– Collect 8 Spoooooky Costumes (Ask)
Rewards: Ghost Tree, Molten Cake, 300 XP

goal 2: In your Head Mission
– Gather 6 Spare Souls (Harvest Ghost Trees)
– Craft 4 Extra Brains
– Harvest 20 Mini Pumpkins
Rewards: 5 Gold Dust, 3 Licorice Crop, Random Reward

goal 3: Skeleton you are my friend Mission
– Harvest 20 Blue Corn
– Collect 18 Bone Meals (Ask)
– Investigate 1 Suspicious Tombstone (takes 13 Tombstone Polish)
Rewards: Frankenfruit Tree, Wither Protection, Undead Sweeties

goal 4: Feared science Mission
– Gather 20 Mutation Potions (Harvest Green Essence Labs)
– Ask for 12 Mad Science Textbooks (Ask)
– Harvest 50 Basic Stills
Rewards: Mummy Sheep, Candy Corn, Random Reward

goal 5: Fangs and fur Mission
– Fully demistify the Mist Generator two times (Free Gift – takes 13 DeMisters)
– Gather 25 Blood Bags (Harvest Beets )
– Craft 6 Werewolf Houses
Rewards: Pawpaw Tree, Vampire Potion, Monster Whip

goal 6: Grandmummy Mission
– Clear 8 Skulls
– Heal 6 Mummified Pigs or Sheep (uses Uncurse Charms to heal – Ask)
– Collect 18 Rejuvenating Ointments (Ask)
Rewards: Werewolf Potion, Spooky Tree, Random Reward

goal 7: Uppity Ursine Mission
– Collect 18 Bear Ticklers (Ask)
– Craft 6 Bear Treats
– Harvest 13 Licorice Crops
Rewards: Gothic Fence, Spider Tree, Random Reward

goal 8: Jacque’s shack’s shark Mission
– Fish in any location 6 times
– Collect 20 Sour Fishies (Ask)
– Craft 8 French Flies
Rewards: Cattle Power, 2 Gothic Fence, Random Reward

goal 9: Shrewed Businessmen Mission
– Harvest Paw Paw Trees 8 times
– Collect 12 Varmint Brides (Ask)
– Tend a Transformed Animal 3 times (takes 8 Stabilizing Tonics to heal)
Rewards: 5 Gold Dust, Quick Licorice, Gummy Animals

The Halloween 2013 Wrappers:
mission 1: Candy Rush
– Place the Candy Safe
– Complete all 3 of the Funky Farmland missions
– Collect 12 Undead Sweeties (Drops from Mist Generator, Suspicious Tombstone, Candy Safe and Licorice Crop)
Rewards: The Game, Candy Crate, Scurvy Duck

mission 2: Take me to the candy shop
– Craft 2 Quick Licorice Booststr
– Complete all 3 of the Terrifying Town missions
– Gather 60 Sweet Treats (Harvest Marshmallow, Cotton Candy, Candy Corn, Gumdrop and Spearmint crops)
Rewards: Spooky Cabinet, Spooky Pumpkin, Spooky Crate

mission 3: The out of towners
– Complete the ‘Candy Rush’ and ‘Take me to the Candy Shop’ quests
– Complete all 3 of the Fearful Forest missions
– Collect 6 Gummy Animals (Drops from Suspicious Tombstones, Candy Crates, Transformed Animals and More)
Rewards: 4 Spooky Fence, Candy Pack, 2 Warehouse Slot Upgrade