Pioneer Trail Xmas Carol Missions

By | December 15, 2013

A frontier christmas carol in pioneer trail xmas carol missions ! Fanny’s putting together a frontier christmas carol and all your favorite folk are joining in the fun. Play the part while helping put it all together to earn Scrooge’s Shop and Falling Snow.

wrapper quest : She Burned ‘Em, Everyone Mission
– Tend a Past Ghost, Present Ghost, and Future Ghost
– Gather Three Ungiven Gifts from any Holiday Past outcome
– Gather Two Lost Legacies from any Future Contraption
Reward: 10 Horseshoe, Future Contraption, Sweet Payoff

Christmas Ghosts – come from Presents Presence, Holiday Past, Future Contraptions
Ungiven Gifts – usually drops from any Past Variations. Holiday past can be found in the Market.
Lost Legacy – usually drops from ay Future Variation. Future Contraptions can be found in the Market.

Monday Wrapper: Actin’ Lessons Mission
– Craft 10 Buttery Desserts to butter Amos up
– Recite your Lines for the Play 10 Times at the Play House
– Gather 75 Burned Turkeys. What a waste
Reward: Tiny Tim’s Toys, Future Contraption, Saving Grace

frontierville carol manager : hre you can see all your props, get new props, and find friends to partner up with !

goal 1: Settin’ The Stage Mission
– Gather 6 Fairytale Scripts to read the plot of the play
– Pile on the a Present’s Presence Four times to see just how good christmas is now
– Place the Play House to get the play started
Reward: 2 Silver Forge, 3 Festive Cinnamon, Holiday Past Unlocked

tips how to get :
Fairytale Scripts – Rarely drops while tending Geese on any homestead.
Present’s Presence – use Charitable Memory to pile on Present’s Presence. Present’s Presence. can be found in the Market.
Need 7 + 10 + 17 Charitable Memory for each Present’s Presence

goal 2: Bah Hum Stew Mission
– Harvest 20 Holly Bushes. We’ll need a lot of red and green for the play
– Pack up Holiday Past 12 times to recall Christmas past
– Deal with the ghost of Jack Marley
Reward: Golden Sheep, 2 Fools Gold, Present Scene

goal 3: The Clock Strikes First Mission
– Ask for 12 Holiday Donations
– Pack up Holiday Past 16 times
– Place and Complete the Present Scene to meet the Ghost of Christmas Present
Reward: Granny’s Gut Punch, White Sugarglider, Bag of Money

goal 4: Actin’ Amos Mission
– Tend Golden Sheep 40 Times to reap the rewards of the present
– Pile up Present’s Presence 32 times to have a clear view of how Christmas is going
– Gather 20 Tranquil Tea to make sure Granny Scrooge doesn’t get too cranky
Reward: Minty Mocha, Future Contraption, Future Scene

Tranquil Tea – usually drops while harvesting Lavender

goal 5: Smoke… Yet to come Mission
– Craft 6 Smoke Emitters to make the scene more spooky
– Compile Future Contraptions 48 times to see Doc’s view of Christmas future
– Place and Complete the Future Scene to meet the Ghost of Christmas Future
Reward: Scrooge’s Shop, 3 Memorable Scents, Peppermint Earthquake