Pizza Oven In Cafe World

By | February 23, 2011

Pizza Oven In Cafe World ! Fire it up 🙂 get a pizza oven to gain access to special pizza oven recipes.

cafe world pizza oven

click on the pizza oven when it is in your cafe to view the recipes you’ve unlocked, get yours today !
you can click on the ‘fire’ icon because it’s not on the stove tab 😛

choose to build it or buy with 40 cafe cash

to build pizza oven you must get these parts from your friends :
cafe world pizza peel
cafe world cooking rack
cafe world pizza platter
cafe world pizza hickory logs

ask your friends to help you assemble your pizza oven ! chef piero is coming to your cafe, bake a slice worthy of a pizza master !

after you finish, make sure look on the cookbook to bake a pizza and finish the pizza oven goals to unlock these pizza :
– pizza margherita
– sausage deep dish pizza
– pepperoni pizza
– meat craver’s pizza


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  • Debbie

    i can’t cook any pizza but the first 1 in the cookbook. My goal thing for how I no what to ask for to build up so i can unlock the next pizza is gone. i can only make 1 out of the 4 pizzas, how can this b fixed for me?