Plants Vs Zombies 2 All New Plants List

By | July 17, 2013

There are a lot of new zombies character in new worlds, that’s why we also have plants vs zombies 2 all new plants list for you to see so you can plant which plant to put on each map 😛
there are still some old plants, that you might already seen on the first game.. remember that some plant required sun in order to use and some are free ! and you need to unlock the new plants by progressing on each stage then it will added to your plant list 🙂

it’s not completed yet, but here are some that i’ve unlocked so far :
sunflower (50) : gives you additional sun
peashooter (100) : shoos peas at The enemy
wall-nut (50) : blocks off zombies and protects your other plants
potato mine (24) : explodes on contact, but takes times to arm itself
boomerang (175) : hits up to 3 targets in its lane, twice
iceberg lettuce : freezes zombies that step on it, and extinguishes flames
twin sunflower (125) : gives twice as much sun as a sunflower
repeater (200) : shoots two peas at the enemy
snow pea : shoots peas that slow zombies
kernel-pult (100) : flings corn kernels and butter at zombies


snapdragon (150) : breathes fire in an area in front of it
power lily : creates one plant food
cherry bomb (150) : blows up all zombies in a medium area
squash : smashes a nearby zombie
chili bean (50) : zombies that eat it are defeated and release gas
torchwood : ignites peas for double damage
jalapeno : ignites a whole row of zombies
imitater : mimics a seed packet

you can also go to the store to purchase with cash :

squash – imitater – snowpea – jalapeno – torchwood – power lily available for $2.99
and the plants you buy in the store will be bought for all profiles

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