Plants Vs Zombies 2 Power Ups

By | July 17, 2013

Have fun with power ups ! Because when a huge wave incoming your way, you might need some plants vs zombies 2 power ups to remove some zombie 😛 Great, now don’t let these zombies eat your brains !
how to get power ups in plants vs zombies 2 ?
if you want to use a power up, you can buy one with coins ! just tap on that doohickey down there and you’re in business !

you will get to know more about each power up with dave, when you’re in ancient egypt map day 5
You have some power ups ! i’ll show you how to use them. Yeah, and now we can break the seal. Let’s get crazy !

here are the walkthrough for each power up :
Power Pinch : by pinching the zombies, you will cut their head off the body

Power Toss : by tossing the zombies, you can move them out from the arena

Power Zap : by zapping the zombies, you will make them into ashes