Play Frontierville Pioneer Trail and Get 5 Horseshoes

By | July 7, 2011

Get 5 Horseshoes for moving your frontierville homestead over to the new facebook app where the pioneer trail is !

Some lucky players that selected to test pioneer trail might see this pop up today, here’s some images from xml files :

in this pop you can see that pioneer trail will be on different application, weird ? i don’t know how it will work and what about the old homestead ??

it only says that everything will be exactly the same on the new app after you move and you’ll get 5 HS
click pack up & go !

Adventurer’s are headin’ west ! Pack up yer homestead and head over to the pioneer trail ! Git your 5 HS settlement grant as soon as you join us on the trail ?
you must allow it to
– access to my basic information
– send me an email
– post on my wall
– access to my profile information

but if you click play now, you will only see this pop up:

“Howdy pardner ! Thanks for your interest in FrontierVille’s Pioneer Trail!
We’re still gettin’ things set up for the Trail so please come back a lil’ later. We’ll let you know first when the trail’s ready, but for now let’s head back to the Homestead !”

go back to frontierville~

at least we know there’s a progress for frontierville pioneer trail 🙂 what do you think about this ?

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  • Shay

    Sounds cool, let’s hope we are directed to some new servers that can handle the load… Thanks for all your help with this site. Has proved to be very reliable and very helpful in the past. Keep up the good work :O)

    • admin

      thank you 🙂