Playfish Crazy Planets Tips and Trick

By | July 11, 2009

Another facebook web based game, and the publisher for this game just like Restaurant CityPlayfish πŸ™‚

Because the game is still new, so i can give you some Crazy Planets Tips and Trick just like Restaurant City Tips and Tricks. The play sistem for this game just like worms.. i bet you have play worms before right ? It’s shooting game.. you can choose your weapon and kill your enemy.

Crazy Planets Weapons

There are many type of weapons, but for the first time you’ll be given only 2 weapons.. but you can upgrade it to become more powerful. How to upgrade your weapon ? Simple, by collecting some minerals that you get after battle.

your first weapon when you begin your game. Not the best one, even after you upgrade it. But still good enough to use πŸ™‚ It got a good accuration, though not far… And even the radius of explotion not big, you can destroy with 1 shot to basic robot after you upgrade to level 4.

Level 1: 25 damage
Level 2: 31 damage 20 Opal, 20 Agate, 20 Steel, 20 Zinc
Level 3: 38 damage 35 Opal, 35 Agate, 35 Steel, 35 Zinc
Level 4: 44 damage
Level 5: 50 damage 100 Opal, 100 Agate, 100 Steel, 100 Zinc

One of the first weapon you can choose, have a short accuration and when you throw it won’t explode immediately…Grenade is easy to bounce back, so if you shoot it far enough.. it will bounce back far too. Grenade is more effective to attack the enemy that located at bottom. It have a good explosion radius.

Level 1: 30 damage
Level 2: 38 damage 20 Agate, 20 Emerald, 20 Zinc, 20 Nickel
Level 3: 45 damage 35 Agate, 35 Emerald, 35 Zinc, 35 Nickel
Level 4: 53 damage
Level 5: 60 damage

Just like bazooka, but the damage is bigger. Because it will shoot 3 bullets in one attack. This weapon is very effective coz.. if 1 bullets = 20 damages, when it hit to 3 enemy then it will give 60 damages. But the explosion radius is small.

Level 1: 20 damage x3 40 Amethyst, 20 Citrine, 30 Copper, 20 Silver
Level 2: 25 damage x3
Level 3: 30 damage x3
Level 4: 35 damage x3 120 Amethyst, 60 Citrine, 95 Copper, 60 Silver
Level 5: 40 damage x3 200 Amethyst, 100 Citrine, 150 Copper, 100 Silver

A light saber from star wars πŸ˜› It have the biggest damage, but this weapon only works if you near the enemy.. and another bad thing.. you can get hit from the enemy explosion. So watch out =)

Level 1: 50 damage 40 Amethyst, 20 Sapphire, 40 Silver, 20 Lead
Level 2: 63 damage 55 Amethyst, 25 Sapphire, 55 Silver, 25 Lead
Level 3: 75 damage 80 Amethyst, 40 Sapphire, 80 Silver, 40 Lead
Level 4: 88 damage
Level 5: 100 damage

When this weapon explode it will bring out another bomb that will explode. It have the biggest explosive radius, so don’t get to close. Really effective to attack enemy that near to each other.

Level 1: 100 damage 30 Sapphire, 30 Ruby, 40 Lead, 40 Platinum
Level 2: 125 damage
Level 3: 150 damage 60 Sapphire, 60 Ruby, 80 Lead, 80 Platinum
Level 4: 175 damage
Level 5: 200 damage

This weapon will shoot 3 bullets that bounce back. Can’t shoot up angle, this weapon hard to control. But very effective if there’s enemy under us.

Level 1: 30 damage x3 30 Citrine, 40 Sapphire, 30 Silver, 40 Lead
Level 2: 38 damage x3 40 Citrine, 55 Sapphire, 40 Silver, 55 Lead
Level 3: 45 damage x3
Level 4: 53 damage x3
Level 5: 60 damage x3

This weapon have a good accuration, it can shoot the enemy that far from us. Very effective weapon but hard to get πŸ˜›

Level 1: 25 damage 50 Ruby, 100 Topaz, 100 Platinum, 50 Gold
Level 2: 31 damage 65 Ruby, 130 Topaz, 130 Platinum, 65 Gold
Level 3: 38 damage
Level 4: 44 damage
Level 5: 50 damage

Crazy Planets Robots

You’ll be facing robots and when you destroy them, they will drop some minerals that you’ll need to upgrade your weapon. But not only mineral.. but also some bomb that ready to explode πŸ˜› So.. you better watch out when they explode.

Crazy Planets Items

In the game you can use item like this, but to use it you’ll need some coins πŸ™‚

Restore Health : restore health just like when you begin the game, but it won’t work to get the flawless medal.

Double Damage : make double damage, the effect will be there until the mission finish.

Double Max Health : make health double and will work until the mission finish.

Shield : make all enemy attack become 0, only work until you get hit.

Accuracy : make accuracy attack more long and clear until the mission finish.

Oh yeah in this game i think there will be Multiplayer (Player vs Player) system.. though it’s still coming soon πŸ˜›

Maybe there will be waiting room system ? so anyone in the world can play too ?

So if you haven’t try this game yet, maybe you want to start now πŸ˜›

I hope this Crazy Planets tips and tricks can help you πŸ™‚

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  • Maggie

    Hello, my name is maggie and I was wondering if you know how to use the boulder on the mission “Boulder Basics” so I can get the medal. I will be very thanked if you can answer as soon as possible, due I want to get all possible medals and I canΒ΄t!
    Have a nice day!

    • admin

      Try with your bazooka, hit the boulder (big rock)… it will start rolling down hill and hit the robot at the bottom.
      that will guarantee you your medal at the end of the mission πŸ™‚

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  • ray

    ahmmm.. can you tell me how to save your friend and get the life saving medal? thankssss…

    • admin

      usually, after level 9, and in particular after you’ve performed poorly in missions, a group of robots will come and kidnap one of your friends… you must find the asteroid they’ve taken him/her to (it’s in the same galaxy as your current mission) and successfully complete the mission by destroying all robots and rescuing your friend from the magnetic-field prison they have him/her in.
      After you’ve succeeded in rescuing your friend, you will be awarded the saving medal.

  • ken

    i believe lvl 1 homing missile is 30 dmg. that’s what it reads in my game.

  • gun man

    I like this games, it’s exciting and very fun…
    fire in the hole!!! πŸ˜€

  • Ponderer

    I bought some Fluff Bombs, but it won’t let me use them. How do I equip them so I can use them in the game to fight robots?? Thanks!!

  • vid

    how do you get platnum without going to your/your friends planet

  • Deada man

    How do i get silver?