Ponderosa Lodge in Frontierville

By | April 13, 2011

The ponderosa lodge in frontierville is here ! you will see a new journal today with jack : Well, looky here! Izzat your spouse’s journal? I wonder how that got here…

frontierville ponderosa lodge

click to read the journal :
Dearest Diary, My beloved and I have made great progress in building a thriving Frontier town, and now I can’t stop thinking about a bigger home for our family. Just look at those pictures of the Ponderosa Lodge from the Shears & Nubuck Catalog! I bet with just a little hard work, we can make it happen!

now you need a new home ! buy ponderosa lodge with 1000 coins + 20 wood in the market and whack it 7x

note that there’s a new mission for this building, find the requirements in frontierville growing room

then collect some new materials :
elbow grease
gas lamp
adobe bricks

if you wonder how to get adobe bricks please read frontierville adobe bricks

when you’re done you will get a new mail later from granny
Mail’s here! Looks like it’s a note from your Granny – what a spitfire!
Whippersnapper, I can’t hardly believe it, but it seems you’ve gone and built a fine Frontier town and a name for yerself! Whatcha need now is someone to teach the young’uns how to make my Varmint Surprise! Hitch up a porch swing, and get out the extra quilts – Granny is comin’ home! XOX

learn how to upgrade ponderosa lodge in frontierville granny’s home

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