Pot of Gold FarmVille

By | March 5, 2010

Pot of Gold FarmVille ! St. Patrick’s Day is coming! Place your pot of gold on your farm and fill it with gold sent by friends ! Find it in your gift box 🙂

Pot of Gold
Your friends can send you gold pieces in celebration of Patrick’s Day!
Trade in the gold pieces you receive for limited edition St. Patrick’s Day and Spring decorations!

yup, this pot of gold is just like the valentine’s day event.

you can collect gift from your friends, they can send it via free gifts tab ( the one with clover background )

The gifts are :
Gold Bar, Gold Nugget, Gold Bear, Gold Coin, and Gold Chain

you can see how many gold you’ve received or gold to spend in the pot of gold 🙂

and you can redeem it with some cost of gold ! see the reedem items in pot of gold redeem prizes

For every 5 gold pieces you collect, you can post a feed on the wall by clicking “share” button
Pot of Gold – Meager

give 10 neighbors 1 free gold piece 🙂 all they need to do is click “get some gold”

collect the gold to redeem pot of gold prize 🙂

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