Prospect Falls Sheriff Mae Missions Frontierville

By | March 7, 2012

After the main quest you can start Prospect Falls Sheriff Mae Missions series !
you will learn about new ‘varmint’ called outlaws, where they have a chance to appear when doing actions.
– claim jumper
– greedy bandit
– cattle rustler

here are the requirements for this frontierville goals :

goal : Sheriff Shows Up Mission
Tend 3 Copper Cows
Build the Sheriff’s Office
Place the Bank
Reward: 15 Gold, 4 Population

goal : Clobberin Time Mission
Tend 4 Silver Sheep
Clobber 2 Outlaws
Have a Sluice Built
Reward: 15 Gold, 6 Population

goal : Homes Away From Home Mission
Collect 5 Pure Water (from the well)
Place 3 Stately Homes
Build 2 Meager Homes
Reward: 20 Gold, 9 Population

goal : Bank Building Mission
Clobber 3 Outlaws
Build 3 Sluices
Finish the Bank
Reward: 20 Gold, 12 Population

goal : Stately Settlers Mission
Tend 15 Adult Copper Cows
Tend 15 Adult Golden Chickens
Finish Building 3 Stately Homes
Reward: 25 Gold, 15 Population

goal : We Do Need Badges Mission
Have 425 Population
Clobber 5 Outlaws
Have a Marshall’s Badge (finish the Bounty Artifact Super Collection)
rewards : 25 Gold Nuggets, 25 Population

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