Puzzle Frog

By | March 23, 2009

Found this puzzle yesterday.. it’s kinda fun 😀

The rules are:
– a frog can only jump 1 frog
– you must make 3 frogs on the left side(males) to the right side, and the right(females) to the left , just like this picture

Have fun 😀

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  • SvLM

    Kinda fun indeed, kinda impossible also :s

  • SvLM

    Finally: Yee! solved!

  • admin

    congratulations !! =) have u solved other puzzle in this web ? i’m sure u can do it =D

  • http://twitter.com/kingqub3d kingqub3d

    haha solved it also, took me like 5 minutes, but was worth it and it is fun.

  • Some Kid


    I have a stratagy for this game.

    If you don\’t want to read this, don\’t look.

    The Stratagy is:
    Never put 2 frogs of the same color directly next to each other unless they are on the opposing side that they didn\’t start with. This helped me defeat the game easy. Don\’t mess up though! =)

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