Queen Bee FarmVille

By | July 15, 2010

Queen Bee FarmVille 🙂 if you already know how to unlock beehive on farmville and finished the next step is to get queen bee for beehive !

farmville queen bee

Queen Bee is an animal on FarmVille that not harvestable, a queen bee can be placed in your completed beehive and allows you to start building your honeybee colony. You can only have 1 queen bee at a time.

how to get queen bee in farmville ?
free queen bees can be found by harvesting or fertilizing flower crops. Once a Queen Bee is found, they can also be shared on the wall.

you can also purchase rare queen bee on the market for 10 Farm Cash.

Note that you can add queen bees in bee hive until you complete the beehive 🙂

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  • lisa allen

    Monday I did what it said to do to get my free queen bee. It said it would take up to two days to get a queen bee. I still have not gotten my queen bee.

  • D MAN`

    I have harvested over 1000 Lilacs, and fertilized my neighbors flower crops for weeks, and have yet to see a F*ING Queen Bee! It’s a F*ING scam to get you to buy Bucks!

  • Urja

    i found one 3 days after i completed my beehive…..2days later i found another!!!! 🙂