Quick Escape Jail Walkthrough Android

By | October 29, 2012

Find 6 key to open the door ! quick escape jail walkthrough will give you hint where to find each keys !

Stinky prison cell… it’s time to escape !

you will need to solve mini puzzle, combine items and event tilt your phone to get the keys !

here are the cheat answers :
solve puzzle on the right side of the door to get the first key


click the left bricks to make a mark, you can see the hint on the calendar where you must make 13 days to get a key

get key on the sink

click the spider web on the right side
get a magnet from the top bed, under the pillow
combine them and use it on the toilet

under the bookshelf there are bricks that you can click
match the book number for each bricks column
3 bricks – 1 brick – 4 bricks – 2 bricks
find another key here


click the cheese on the table
then look under the bed there’s a brick that you can move by tilting your phone to left
there’s a mouse hole, put the cheese to get your last key

now go to the door and from your inventory put all the keys in the right spot
now you can open the door !

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